Key Points You Need to Know Before Building a Porn Site

Are you one of the millions looking to make bank in Cyberspace? Well we all know that sex sells. Actually nothing sells quite as well as sex, right? Do you think you have what it takes to sell sex?

If you are reading this article then it means you have probably already decided to do just that!

So, you are about to embark on one of the most exciting career paths there is. You are going to become an adult webmaster. Guess what… You are not alone. It is estimated that there may be 70,000+ adult webmasters out there.

70,000 is a big number! Why do you think so many people are attracted to this line of work? The biggest reason has to be the money, the Benjamins, the $$$ signs that you will see as you sleep! Not to mention that you get to work from home, you will be self employed and you will spend endless hours spent enjoying stunning women (and men).

People from all walks of life are involved in the adult industry. These people range from college co-eds who realize they can earn more dollars from an amateur site than from being a waitress, to computer geeks seeking extra income, to those who aim to have a career in adult entertainment; it could be anyone.

There are students, retirees, attorneys, teachers, secretaries, and bums in this business. Single mothers who need to work from home so they can care for their children, and “disabled” individuals who are unable to function in a more traditional work environment. White collar, blue collar, red collar, black collar; every type of person is attracted to this industry…

You can make a lot of money in this industry, more money than is possible in your 9-5 position. It requires hard work, faith, and persistence but it all pays off.

Key Points

If you are motivated it is possible to have your first adult site online before the end of the day today.
Just because you have an adult website online does not mean that the money will automatically come in. You will have to drive traffic to your site also (don’t worry this is not difficult, and only takes an hour or 2 a day at first until you get your system automated).
The winning formula: Traffic=Sales=Big Dollars
Once you have one site automated and bringing in dollars, you can set up a second site in a different niche, get that automated and double your income, and so on, and so on.
Despite the differences of those taking part in this industry, we share one common trait: we were all newbies once upon a time. We all aspired to be experienced webmasters. If you are SO new to this business that you don’t even know what a newbie is, a “newbie” is “someone who is new to this.” A newbie is a beginner.

Don’t worry though, you won’t be a newbie for long. If you work hard and learn as much as you can you will be up and running in no time at all. Soon all of this stuff will seem simple to you.

Learn How to Stop Porn Addiction

As most of you will realize there is a great deal of porn floating around the internet these days. You can get your hands on whatever you may wish, from pictures to films to amateur videos uploaded for the world to see. You do not even need to pay for it now, there are plenty of free hardcore sites who’s idea of a filter is to ask the date before you enter.

With porn so easy to come by it is little surprise that addictions are on the increase and no wonder how it is fueled. If you find yourself suffering from addiction, you are tempted 24 hours a day, every day simply by access to the net.

Why not just stop searching for it?

The problem is, many people may want to stop but find it hard, that is after all the definition of an addiction. There are many men who want to stop, their addiction is having negative effects on their lives. It is a lot harder than you may think. These days it is popularly accepted within psychiatric circles that porn addiction is indeed a mental disorder, one that needs treatment in order to fix.

Can you tell if you are a porn addict?

Somebody suffering from porn addiction will be unable to control how much time they find themselves looking at porn, even when it begins to have negative effects in their life. Much like other addictions there are some tell tale signs.

Common signs include:

– Unable to resist looking at porn.

– More than your average excitement before you look at porn.

– High amounts of pleasure as a result of porn, more like you needed it rather than just simply wanted it.

You can expect five of the following signs:

– Overly preoccupied with porn.

– Watching more than is healthy.

– You try to slow the amount of time you find yourself viewing porn but fail.

– The amount of time you spend online is such it disrupts day to day life.

– You find your job, school, social or home life seriously disrupted by viewing porn.

– You overlook prior engagements due to watching porn.

– You realize that you have a problem but can simply do nothing about it.

– You find it takes more and more porn to reach the same levels of pleasure you did before.

– If you are unable to watch porn for whatever reason, you become increasingly aggravated.

Is there a way to stop access to porn on your PC?

If you feel your loved one may be suffering from a porn addiction it is best to approach them and attempt to discuss it. If the internet is their main source of pornography there is a lot you can do. Remove temptation. You do not need to completely remove the computer and internet connection from your house.

If your partner or family member has admitted to a problem and wants help you can come to the agreement to limit their access. You can easily shut out porn sites by activating a porn blocking internet filter. One such effective filter can be found at, the recommended review site on porn filters. This is a quick and simple solution to take you on your first step to overcoming your problem, or helping somebody else overcome theirs.

Porn Filter – The Only Way to Protect Your Family From Pornography

Thanks to the Internet, any child can view pornography and most likely will by the time they are eleven. Anyone a can see endless amounts of pornography at the click of their mouse and in the complete privacy of their own home. It’s even free.

Without a porn filter installed on the computer, the likelihood of a child viewing pornography is almost 100%. Our society sees the issue of pornography as a free-speech issue and the belief is that if you don’t like it, you don’t have to use it. That may have been true before online pornography existed. But what about children? A child should not be expected to make the decision about whether to look at pornography. It is not supposed to be an option for a child or teen. Even when porn websites ask visitors to confirm that they are adults, any child can still enter by clicking through. But even so, there is an abundance of hardcore and amateur pornography posted all over the Internet without any warnings. It’s like sending a 15 year old boy into s strip club and telling him to keep his eyes covered. But is a lot worse than that. No authority is controlling the content that is available online.

A report from the Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, N.J., raises some red flags that should not be ignored. “The Social Costs of Pornography” points to new social science and brain research, and shows evidence that pornography is harmful. Porn teaches negative sexual behaviors and attitudes. Further, the graphic porn on the Internet creates a risk of porn addiction.

65 percent of 16 to 17 year old boys say they have friends who regularly download pornography. Even pre-teen boys are reporting compulsive porn behavior. This happens right under the nose of their parents who are not aware of how their children are using the Internet. Behind closed doors, late at night or while parents are at work, teens and children surf porn. This will continue until either the government figures out how to protect us from the porn content that we do not want in our homes or each parent and institution, takes the responsibility to install a porn filter and stop porn on their own. For now, a porn filter is the only realistic solution.

100% Free Adult Amateur Films

The free adult porn market is pretty much thriving these days and more and more sites pop-up in this industry every day. The vids which they host are virtually mind-blowing and folks like them. On every single free porn page can be found a specific number of categories that will help you look for the vids that you like the most.

The grouping that in some way seems to turn me on is the Amateur. Amateur 100% free porn vids are simply astounding – there are no words and phrases in any way to explain a home made video with you and your girl making love in the craziest way possible. I absolutely am into these clips and i confess that I check out them once in a while. From them fresh approaches can be mastered for pleasing your lover better. All of these 20min clips can actually be considered as being educational vids from where you are able to understand how to do it much better, how to protect yourself and what things you mustn’t do during intercourse.

Almost all free porn amateur vids possess a little something exclusive that makes them one of the most wished-for. Looking at how unprofessional folks start kissing, touching, undressing, looking at them how they’re making real love – this stuff can’t be found in not one other free porn category and i also consider that amateur vids are worthy of the 1st place in any cost-free adult porn category countdown.

What I enjoy the most about free porn amateur vids would be the approach they’re done: through the help of a cellphone or a digicam or even using the webcam of the Personal computer or laptop computer. What I enjoy a lot more is the fact that all those people who have sex on the camera post their video on the internet, on specialized free porn webpages which host this kind of clips and can earn some cash from it… very cool! Try out such a vid on your own and hit me up – inform me what you think of it and from a scale from 1 to 10, just how great the amateur category is.

Masturbation Tips for the Adventurous – Exhibitionist Roleplaying

Many men have an exhibitionist streak and would get a thrill out of displaying their penises for all the world to see. For proof, one has merely to take a stroll through any amateur porn sites to see how many men have been proud to post photos or videos of their erect penises. For that matter, flaccid penises are also readily available for viewing with only a click of the mouse. (And even a quick perusal reveals one thing worth noting: Most men could benefit from paying a bit more attention to their penis health, a wise move if one is planning to spread close-ups of his junk across the internet.) Virtual exposure (in which the face is not featured) is one of those masturbation tips that help exhibitionists stay out of trouble.

However, exhibitionists do not need to stop at virtual exposures of their tumescent members. There are other opportunities available for showing off one’s manhood in a live setting – and doing so legally and safely. For example, many jack-off (for men) or jack-and-jill (for men and women) clubs exist where one may expose and stroke oneself as much as one pleases.


Yet there are some who may desire more – and yet realize that unwanted and unasked-for displays of public nudity are risky at best, illegal at worst and often make victims of unwilling spectators. This is why exhibitionist roleplaying, in which one or more individuals exhibits him/herself and one or more play specifically identified viewers, is a suitable alternative to consider.

With roleplaying, all those participating are willing and informed. The boundaries can be established and any necessary rules set up, allowing for safety for all involved.

A couple’s game

Engaging in exhibitionist roleplaying is most often something that a couple enjoys, and the following examples will assume that only two are involved; however, for those with friends or acquaintances who share this interest, it can certainly be broadened to include many more than two participants. And, though these examples stress masturbation, they can also lead to partner sex as well. The key here, of course, is that these are imaginary scenarios acted out in the privacy of one’s own home.

With that said, here are some scenarios that careful exhibitionists may want to employ:

– Look what I can do! Some men have a desire to expose themselves because they felt their penis was shamed by their family when they were growing up. This scenario addresses that. The man gets into the bathtub and pretends to be a child. As he washes, he plays with himself openly. The spectator encourages him and praises his tool.

– Taxi jacked. The partners set up chairs to simulate a taxi, which the woman is driving. The man plays the passenger, who gets into the back seat. As the driver keeps up a steady stream of chatter, the passenger masturbates in the back seat, unnoticed by the driver until the passenger noisily orgasms.

– Table manners. The couple sits down to dinner. As they eat, the man unzips his pants and removes his tool, which he proceeds to fondle. Only as the man approaches orgasm does his partner become aware of his activities and demands that he stand up so that the partner can see him better.

– Half-time. While watching the big game on TV, the partner encourages the man to put on his own half-time show – complete with very special fireworks at the end.

– Police procedural. The couple pretends they are outside. The man pulls out his pecker and surreptitiously begins to pound it. His partner approaches, pretending to be a cop. She threatens to run him in, but is mesmerized by his member and instead threatens to arrest him if he doesn’t continue on until he releases.

Naturally, this exhibitionist roleplaying may turn an erect penis into a sore one due to excessive or aggressive use. In these cases, a nourishing penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) is needed. The best cream will include not only natural moisturizers (Shea butter and vitamin E are advised) but also L-arginine, which can address peripheral nerve damage from overuse that can otherwise lead to a loss of sensation in the tool. As an added bonus, creams with vitamin A have anti-bacterial properties to fight unwanted penis odor.

Focus On The Walk Not The Talk

Leading by example is precisely why leaders focus on always doing exactly what they say. Your actions should be aligned with what you are saying. Although, it’s tough to practice what you preach; you need to model the change in behavior you want to see. The core of focusing on the walk not the talk is to be the change you want to see in others.

In other words, you need to assess your own behavior first before communicating these changes to your fellow because changing habitual practices isn’t as easy as simply making a choice. It’s very important for a leader to be consistent with their actions. The single most essential component to effective management is trust. Everything will go out the window when trust is lost. And in the eyes of most people, a lie is a lie.

Too often leaders want to run and/or hide from their mistakes. Don’t make excuses, but be clear that you recognize where you went wrong. Being sorry isn’t admission of defeat. It revisits the human aspect that people screw up for a superfluity of reasons. You are not an exemption. It is a great start to admit your mistakes and apologize. However, be clear in asking for support in moving forward. If you choose to ignore it than acknowledge it, don’t be flabbergasted if things don’t get better.

Show people what the organizational values mean through your behaviors. People learn by observing their leaders. You must focus on your walk more than your talk. Bringing values to life is a behavioral issue because you are a role model for your people. Your values can be seen in terms of your behavior, where you go, what you say, how you spend your time and how you deal with problems and crises.

Actions speak louder than words. Everyone has lapses. Make sure that you acknowledge whenever you find yourself off track and in breach of values. When problems catch you off-balance, your immediate reaction might be contrary to your personal or organizational values system. Remember, subordinates follow your lead.

As a leader, you need to help your people succeed. You must smooth the way for them because there are always impediments and obstacles to achieving goals. You must identify these barriers, remove or lessen them, or show your members how to deal with those that can’t be removed.

People desire for recognition. The main reason why people leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. Recognizing a worthwhile behavior is the single best way to ensure organizational commitment. Although none of us would work for less money than we feel is fair, money alone isn’t enough for encouraging long-term high performance. People cannot be motivated when they feel that what they are asked to do is worthless or contrary to their fundamental values.

Most of us want to feel that we are valued as people, not just mere staff. We want to be respected for who we are, not simply for what we do. We also respond positively to be with others who share similar beliefs and with whom we can build relationships. That’s the very reason why we need to focus on the walk not the talk.